When can they leave the brooder? – Raising Ducks


My ducks nests!! Question”S”:: how long would you leave them in here? ? Is it too early in the year to try to have girls hatch them?? Why would just one egg be out alone?? Greenish eggs are my Cayuga and the lighter are my pekin ???? … I have been pulling them and selling so this is within the past 2 weeks !

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Theresa J. King
Theresa J. King

I’m still waiting on my 3 girls to start sitting. I’m up to at least 35 eggs ???? One of the things to watch for when they’re gonna go broody is Big Poops. I’ve seen that in the coop this last week.

Amberina Tingstad
Amberina Tingstad

I think it depends where you live! However, we are in British Columbia and I have a full incubator of chicken eggs going???? I would love ducks one day????