Should I have these chicks vaccinated?

I have 6 chickens that are 10 months old and 13 chicks that are a week old, all from Rural King(Hoover Hatchery). We also have an order of 15 chicks coming from a hatchery next month. I called Hoover and the chicks from Rural King are not vaccinated. My older girls got medicated layer feed but my new chicks have been eating an organic crumble. My chicks coming next month, I have the option to vaccinate or not. My questions, should I have these chicks vaccinated or should I not vaccinate and switch my current chicks to medicated feed and continue the medicated fee with the new chicks? Thanks!

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BJ Simpson
BJ Simpson

I need to know as well. For some reason I assumed the RK chicks were vaccinated. I’m feeding the “organic” feed and also the medicated feed. I’m hoping that isn’t causing them a problem.