Please do not post the same thing twice. We have an approval process for all posts so if you send it and don’t see it we still have not approved it. This is in place because some adults choose to act like children. We still have to delete posts and members daily for their behavior. Posting twice does nothing but create extra work for us and with over 20,000 members and hundreds more a day coming in we don’t need more to do ????

DRAMA FREE, safe page, family friendly, clean language, and CHICKEN related forum for those of us wanting to learn more about chickens and share our knowledge of chickens. RULES:

  •  Do not post inappropriate pictures or use inappropriate language.
  •  Do not call other members rude names.
  •  Keep it chicken related.
  •  Do not post or comment using inflammatory language in an effort to stir up drama.
  •  If you do not agree with the ideas of another do not bash him/her for having a different opinion, but rather move on or simply state your opinion WITHOUT being rude.
  •  There might be posts related to “meat chickens” or “predators” and how to handle them…if you do not agree with that type of post or method block that post.
  •  Violators will be deleted and blocked.
  •  No advertising unless an Admin approves it and No soliciting to join other Facebook groups/pages either.
  •  No sales or rehoming of hens, roosters, or any animals please.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!